Friday, January 6, 2012

More Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, not because of presents or material items but because of the time and memories that are shared with family! Since becoming a mother my love for Christmas has literally gone through the roof! I love watching the kids enjoy the holidays and seeing everyone. But with the good come the bad, and being so busy and running around with 3 kids make it a little more difficult and exhausting, a good exhausting (kind of)! We went to Grandma Pammy's and Papa Todd's on Christmas morning to open presents before heading to the Brush's christmas later that afternoon.

Braylon digging in! He helped everyone open their presents after unwrapping a TON of his own!

Porter unwrapped a bunch of construction DVD's, can you guess what we have been watching for the last two weeks???

Their train table :) Which hasn't made it home yet, it is still in Grandma and Papa's basement, waiting for our basement to be done (post to come on that).

Grandma, Porter and Adalyn resting after all of those presents! I forgot Adalyn's Christmas Dress on our bed (bad thing about being rushed and getting three kids out the door), so she enjoyed lounging in comfy wear!

Papa and Adalyn! I just love this picture!!!!
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