Monday, January 2, 2012

Fun with Papa Todd!

Papa Todd always gets the boys CrAzY when we get together! The boys just love to wrestle and play with Papa! It is a good thing that Grandma has her Granddaughter to sit and snuggle with while the boys get crazy!

Papa getting Porter!

Double trouble! Reese even likes getting in on the action and he tries to pounce Papa too! (don't worry Papa loves Reese)

Grandma and Adalyn snuggling on the couch.

Papa stopped wrestling to love up Adalyn

Then Porter got really jealous that "HIS" Grandma was holding Adalyn!

Papa is one of the only people that gives Porter pop and doesn't get in trouble! Somethings are just not worth fighting ;)

More wrestling

And we then stopped and took a picture of the whole gang!

It is never a dull moment when Braylon and Porter are with Papa!

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