Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Festival Fun!

The boys, Grandma Joan and myself headed up to Litchfield to a Pumpkin Festival two Saturday's ago. We all had a great time. We will definitely have to go back again next year, there was SOOOO much to do!
The boys checking out the ducks! The boys thought it was hilarious to hear the ducks quack at us!

Grandma holding the bunny so that the boys could pet it!

They had bouncy balls, Bray loved them! Porter I am sure would have loved it... If you could find one that was small enough for him to get on!

The boys found an old (very old) combine and climbed right in! They look like naturals!

This is a picture of the old combine (both boys are still in it), amazing how different they are today!

Braylon also found an old tractor and climbed up while Porter and Grams went to check out the chicken coop!

We were headed off on a Tractor ride and I was able to catch this cute picture :)

Grandma and Porter yelling at a combine that we saw!

They had slides everywhere for the kids!

Porter thought it was a lot of fun!

Porter went on a pony ride!

As did Braylon!

The really really really long slide! Porter flipped on his tummy half way down so that he could inch is way to the bottom!

Braylon went on the mower pull ride all by himself!
After he was done we went onto a Horse ride pulled on a path in the woods!
We had A TON of fun and there was SO much to do! Thanks Grandma Joan for the great idea!

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