Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Another Holiday has come and gone, it is times like this that I stop and think how lucky we are! We have two amazing little boys, each with a personality of their very own! Halloween is a great holiday for young kids to show their personality by choosing what they want to dress up as!
Braylon decided long ago that he was going as a Fireman! He wore his costume (all but the helmet, it kept sliding off his head) proudly and offered to put out everyones fire on State street (this is the place to trick or treat in New Ulm and the home owners sit outside with their fire pits burning to keep warm).
Porter was a bit more difficult, he is not at the age that he can tell us exactly what he wants to be for Halloween and well with Porter's love for Basketball we thought a Basketball player would be the perfect costume for him! Unfortunately his jersey didn't arrive in time and we had to think of something else for him to be on very short notice! Besides Basketball Porter loves Trains, so we decided that Porter would go as a Train Conductor! Luckily we had everything we needed for his costume except a white thermal (a very easy find).

Porter relaxing with Grandma Pammy before we headed out for some Trick or Treating!

The boys first time actually trick or treating (other then at relatives houses)

Mr. Fire Chief and Mr. Train Conductor! Neither were very willing to sit nice for pictures, not a big surprise!

In the car on the way to Grandma Brush's before we walked the neighborhood.

The boys actually went Trick or Treating this year, we went up and down State Street (we know a few home owners on this street otherwise I might try and avoid the chaos). It was a lot of fun and the boys were exhausted by the time we were done!
After we were done we meet up with Daddy (who just got off of work) at Grandma Joan's and we only had to go to her house and one other house. It was a GREAT Halloween!
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