Friday, October 21, 2011

Sunday Fun Day = Vikings Football!

Sunday's are BIG BIG days at our house, especially during the months of September through the beginning of February when it is football season. Ben participates in Fantasy Football (4 leagues, a big obsessive) and the boys really enjoy watching football with daddy! Porter wakes up on Sunday's yelling FOOTBALL!!!! That is right around the time that pre-game gets turned on in our house, so we literally have football on from 8 am until 10 pm (possibly later if the game runs long).
Last Sunday night the Vikings played so we headed over to Grandma Joan's and Grandpa Rick's to watch the game. Not much football got watched by these too little rugrats, they were too excited playing and wrestling each other and everyone else to watch, but Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle Zack watched plenty :)

Braylon being silly, sliding on the carpet.

Porter spinning Bray in the computer chair

Bray spinning P in the chair

Grandma spinning Bray

P was done spinning and wanted to play trains instead

So Bray started wrestling Uncle Zack

Then tried to get Grandpa

Then they both got Grandma.

I think they were relieved when we packed up and headed home and they could watch the last half of the football game in peace and quiet ;)

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