Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boys love for a horse and a horse's love for carrots!

There is a Horse right down the street from Grandma Joan's house and the boys (Candon, Braylon and Porter) LOVE to go and see him, mostly because they get to feed him carrots! Chamois (not sure if that is the correct spelling) loves to see the boys running up to him, only because that means carrots! So Sunday afternoon we headed out in the chilling temperatures to go and feed Chamois a few carrots.

Grams, Porter, Bray, Candon and Ben walking to go and feed Chamois.

The three boys of the family!

Once we hit the sidewalk the boys were free to run to see Chamois, Candon's pants must have been a bit too big as he had to hold on to them :)

Porter was bringing up the rear, but at least he was beating Grams and Mommy!


Candon and Grams feeding Chamois a carrot.

Porters turn.

The three boys peaking through the fence

Braylons turn to feed Chamois!

Candon and Uncle Ben!

Chamois is getting to be a very old horse and Ben and I dread that one day we are going to drive by and there will no longer be a horse standing there. Our boys will be devastated, so we will continue to take advantage of the "nice" weather and go and feed Chamois a few carrots!

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