Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cousin Candon came to town!

Candon, Kenna and Auntie Coley came to town this weekend! We had a very busy weekend and we were not able to see them until Sunday. So Sunday morning we went up to Grandma's house and we all had breakfast together and the kids got to play together, they have been going through serious withdrawals since Coley has gone back to work and her weekly visits have stopped ;)

Candon showing me his batman shirt! He went as Batman for Halloween, can't wait to see him in his costume (hint hint Coley ;))

The best picture I could obtain of these three rugrats!

Porter feeding the fake horse a carrot!

The boys dancing to the Hot Dog song! Porter likes to get really low when he dances to this song! Candon was sitting to the right in the chair placed directly in front of the t.v.

It is always nice when Candon comes to play with the boys! We can't wait for Braylon and Candon do start doing sleepovers! That has to be coming up soon doesn't it?

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