Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh MY!!!!

Grandma and Mommy took Braylon and Porter to the Como Zoo on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day and there were not very many people there when we got there, so the boys got to get very close to all of the animals and see everything that was going on!

The boys lasted in the stroller for all of 5 minutes and that was long enough for us to get inside the Zoo, after that they wanted out and about so that they could see everything! Especially Braylon who wanted to climb in with all of the animals!

Porter Rocking out with his shades on! What an adorable little boy he is growing up to be!

Mommy and Porter smiling for a nice picture, we don't get many of these, since I am the one that is usually taking the pictures. So it was nice of Grandma to get one!

Braylon and Grandma enjoying the ducks... Braylon loved to sit and look at those ducks! Then he would look at Grandma and say Braylon water in! We told him that the water was only for ducks... he was really confused when we were getting ready to leave there was a lady standing in the water, cleaning out the feathers and filters. Braylon's favorite was the Monkey's by a long shot, he loved watching them, he would tell us Monkey Nama, More Monkey mommy... Porter was so oblivious to all that was going on around him, he was focused on eating an entire bag of popcorn... Which he succeeded in doing :)
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