Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

Coley and Candon came home for Labor Day Weekend, and we headed up to the lake for a night. The weather was a little chilly so we had to find other things to keep us entertained other than water activities. The boys did  wonderful job of providing the entertainment that we were looking for :)

Braylon is going to be an expert Bean Bag player... He cheats a little bit, but he makes sure that all of the bags go in the hole!

Candon didn't want to play with Bean Bags, instead he thought it was a lot more fun to play with the bucket :)

The boys actually interacting together! They are making sure that Grandpa doesn't have a back up somewhere! Braylon and Candon gave it their stamp of approval :)

The boys watching out the window, it sure looks like it is nice outside! Why would our mommies tell us that it is cold out??? Are they drinking Mojitos with Grandma again??

Candon's Radio Flyer ran out of gas, so he called Porter's Tow Truck service for a little help...

It was a wonderful weekend! We headed back home on Sunday and went to a family picnic on the Andrews side of the family and then on Monday we went up to Grandma Joan's to see Great Grandpa and we even got to go swimming in her new pool (we didn't get any pictures of those events... We were too busy running after our two Monsters! What a great weekend!
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