Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dare Devil...

For Porter's 1st Birthday he got a Cozy Coupe from his Uncle's. Porter was very nice and allowed Braylon to claim it and play with it for about a month, but now Porter has decided that it is his favorite toy... Mostly because he can climb all over the Cozy Coupe, he climbs in and out and then stands on the seat and then back down on the floor and then climbs through the window of the Cozy Coupe (yes it has a door... that opens and shuts) but he insists on using the window. Braylon just sits back and enjoys the show as Porter tips the Cozy Coupe over on top of himself. I am pretty sure that every second that I wasn't watching Braylon was showing Porter how to do all of those things... Boys!

Porter being so innocent with his Cozy Coupe... Walking by it very nice and slow!
Trying to escape... The back window looks like a good place to go!
Laughing when Mommy said No No Porter, use the door! Of course then Braylon shakes his head really fast saying NO NO Porter, NO NO Porter...
Were you saying No to this???
Braylon's look when I asked him if he taught Porter how to play with his Cozy Coupe... This look was followed by No No mommy! No No...
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