Monday, October 12, 2009

Reese and Me!

I love playing with my four legged brother Reese! We love to do everything together! He especially likes it when I wake him up from his naps, he usually gives me kisses when I wake him up, which means he must like it!

Reese is terrified of a play drill that I have, it makes noise and the end piece turns. He gets really crazy and growls at it! I think it is so funny, I laugh so hard and when I am sad about something I like to get my drill out and make Reesey dance! He really enjoys it as well!

Reese and I really enjoy playing at Papa Todd's! We are best buddies, Papa lets Reese and I do anything that we want to do! Reese gets to just lounge around on the couch or in Papa's truck (he is building an old truck in the garage and Reesey really likes to sit in there while Papa Todd works on it!). The best thing about going to Nana's and Papa's (other than getting to spend time with them) is that they leave all of their snacks right at our level, so when we go there, I get to just walk right over and grab whatever snacks I want to eat! My mommy tells Nana that she has to move them all, because I already have a buddah belly! Nana and I worked something out, so she leaves them down there :)

Reese and I love to look outside together! We stand by the doors and the windows and watch the big kids in the neighborhood play! Or we watch daddy grill supper! It has been a little bit too cold for me to go outside to play, so I watch when Reese goes outside, he goes crazy, running around on the porch and jumping up and down steps! I really like to watch him do silly things! He is the best puppy ever! Now mommy and me have to talk daddy into getting Porter his own puppy, cause I don't think that I will share Reese!

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