Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hello everyone I went to bed as a little boy and woke up a Gorilla! I know I was just as shocked as you are... The most shocking thing of all is that just my head became Gorilla... Mommy said that on the 31st of October I will turn all Gorilla and that I can carry around a banana every where I go (because apparently Gorilla's really like banana's, but I bet not as much as me!), for now I will just carry around my shoe and pretend to eat it!

Since I became part Gorilla I thought it would be funny to try and scare my puppy Reese. Unfortunately he didn't get very scared, so I decided that I would just snuggle with him! I think that he was pretty happy to have a Gorilla as a friend, now he can take on big bullie's like Maddison :)
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