Monday, October 12, 2009

My brother

Today I found out that I really did have a baby brother! So I decided that I would share the lime light and show you my baby brother! Porter came home from the hospital, I really don't mind him, I like to walk over to him and touch his head and steal his blankets (I think that all blankets should be mine!) My mommy and daddy said that I adjusted very well to having a baby brother! I like to try and help mommy when he cries, I pull on mommy's arm and try to see what is wrong. And when mommy is feeding Porter I like to climb up on the couch next to them and see what they are doing. So all in all, I like having a baby brother, although he doesn't do a whole lot right now, mommy and daddy talk about all the trouble that he and I will get into when we get a little older! Mommy says she can't wait ;)
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