Friday, October 16, 2009


Candon came to New Ulm, to stay with Grandma Joan, so he came to my house to play! I was so excited to play with Candon, I haven't seen him since my birthday party in August!
Here we are playing on the my couch, Candon loved it so much, I think I am going to have my mommy find him a Mickey Mouse one! He loves Mickey....
I was a little bit mean to Candon... My mommy had to have a talk with me about being nice... I just thought that he was trying to be like Reese laying on the floor, and this is what I do to Reese, so I was just a little bit confused!

I let Candon push me around in my Tonka Truck....
and we were pretending to be Fire Fighters with my Fire Engine. There weren't any fires, we tried to talk Porter into making a fire so that we could put it out... He wouldn't though...

Candon and I had so much fun playing together, we have decided that we are going to talk to our parents about moving to the same town so that we can play together every day! I mean isn't that what you have cousins for?

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