Friday, May 3, 2013

What a difference a year makes!

I got a new phone, due to my other one no longer functioning. I wanted to make sure that all 3,500 photos from my old phone were uploaded to Google+ (thank goodness for Google+). In doing so I started reminiscing the past year of our life. With three young children, work, and all the other things we have going on, sometimes I forget to stop and "smell the roses", I have added this to my midyear resolution list, make sure I enjoy the crazy fun moments. I am thankful that I make sure to take a lot of pictures of the kids, even if it is only with a phone camera. A glimpse into the "past"... What a difference!
Everyone in this picture look so young! Braylon looks so little compared to his big boy look these days!

Porter looks so little and young here, I love this picture by the way!

Adalyn and her chubby arms :)

Baby face Porter

Okay this is the one thing that hasn't changed in the past year, Porter wearing his undies backwards! Cracks me up every time!

She has no hair and looks SOOOO much like a little baby! I miss that baby.

Braylon and Adalyn in August of last year. Braylon is beginning to look more big boy'ish

This is a picture of Porter a few days ago. No longer baby faced, and getting much better at dressing himself ;)

Adalyn a few days ago. She too has lost all baby look, and did I mention she is a talker! We will need to get this girl unlimited minutes on her cell phone, she talks, talks, talks, talks, talks!

BIG boys, from last weekend! They look so old, and Braylon is nothing but skin and bones!

Adalyn last weekend, look at all that hair :) Blonde, blonde hair!

So all in all I just can't believe that they have changed so much in just a short 12 months. I am not ready for all of my babies to look less baby like. It is a constant reminder that I can't stop time!
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