Monday, May 6, 2013

As if we are not busy enough!

This post is about me, skip to the next if you are already bored ;)
I have decided that I am going to pursue a life long dream of mine and dive into the Real Estate business. It is something that I have wanted to do for a long long time, I have waited for the right moment and went through the 90 hour courses 2 years ago, took my test, got so close to getting my license and found out we were expecting baby #3. All of my dreams and hopes came to a screeching halt and I quickly filed them away, focusing on baby #3 and how it would change our lives. Ben was THRILLED that I had stopped talking about it; not that he wasn't supportive of my dreams and goals, but he thought and still does think that one parent/spouse in the retail business is enough. Well for the past two years it has been eating at me that, I let it go so easily, so I decided that it was my decision to make and I was going to make the choice to re-take my test and achieve my life long dream. I contacted the Realtor that I was going to work with 2 years ago and he was thrilled to have me back on board! I have been preparing myself for a few weeks now to take and pass my Real Estate Salesperson exam, which is on Thursday of this week. I went last Thursday and got my picture taken for business cards, advertisement material and various other things that we will need pictures for. It seems so surreal, but I am so excited and more than ready to take on this next step of life! It is my dream and goal to one day sell full-time, but right now I am excited to be doing it at all. Now if only I could get my husband to be as excited as me :)
Nothing better then studying at 9 o'clock at night after working, being mom and wife, and tackling bedtime! Busy is life and I love busy and life :)
A glass or two of wine always helps studying :)

Business card picture selected!
Cheers to new adventures, achieving goals and crossing things off my bucket list!
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