Monday, May 6, 2013


I was a bald child, I didn't get hair until I was nearly two and I knew that all of my children would be the same, and they have been. But we had a VERY exciting event occur at our house this weekend...
Adalyn got to have her first set of pigtails in! She looked so adorable, Ben said she looks even more like me with them in, not sure how that can be possible, since I think she is a spitting image of me as a baby. She was so proud of her pigtails, she sat and watched in the mirror as I put them in; saying pwetty (pretty) and flipping the little curl that hung out of the hair tie. She sure is growing up fast!
Adalyn's pigtails from behind, she still has strays on the bottom and top of her head! But are they not the cutest thing?!?!?!?

This picture.... I am just IN LOVE with, seriously IN LOVE with it! She was so sweet reading to Reese. He really is her best friend, she loves sitting by him, on top of him, laying next to him, kissing him, giving him treats, etc. I am very certain that he loves her a lot too :)
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