Monday, May 6, 2013


Braylon is at that age when sports come flying at him, he is DEFINITELY a football kid, he asks all of the time when he can play football, well unfortunately for him it is a few years before that can happen, so instead we gave him the option to play soccer. He said he wanted to play soccer and has been SO excited to start. His first day of practice on Tuesday and he has been counting down the days to start since Friday! We went to the store to pick out his shin guards and his soccer ball and he was over the moon to show is little brother his new soccer gear. He wore his shin guards for the majority of the evening on Friday and then again most of Saturday. We have spent hours practicing soccer "dribbling" in the basement this weekend and he has it down. He wants to learn how to bounce the ball off of his head next... I told him I would let his coaches teach him that move ;)
I can't wait to capture a few pictures of him on his first day of soccer on Tuesday!
Braylon snuggling his soccer ball while watching Toy Story on Friday night!
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