Monday, May 7, 2012

Mommy's gonna be mad at you...

There is something that just bothers me when people feed babies food when they are not suppose to have any! Ben of all people know this, because he is my 'go' to person when I complain about it. People in my family don't understand that exclusively breastfed means exclusively breastfed! My mother being the number one culprit of the crime (yes mom you ;)).
Well the other night Ben was eating some chocolate pudding, Adalyn was sitting in her bumbo chair enjoying the view, while I was doing laundry. When I hear Braylon say Mommy's gonna be mad at you! Braylon was right! Ben had decided that Adalyn needed to taste chocolate pudding! Luckily she didn't like it, she spit it back out at him and the evidence was all over her sleeper!
I told Ben I am not making him anymore chocolate pudding if that is what he does with it! He was quick to respond with, he wouldn't be giving her anymore if she spits it back out! Oh that naughty Daddy!

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