Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It is only because of you... and you... and you... and of course you!

If it were not for the three most amazing children (of course I am biased, every mom thinks their kids are the best), there would be no need to celebrate the wonderful day devoted to Mommies! We had a very relaxing day, we went to Grams and Grandpa Rick's to swim (myself and Adalyn cheered the boys on as they braved the 70 degree pool), we then went to Grammy Pammy's and Papa Todd's for a grill out and then back home to enjoy some fun outside before calling it a night!

I am gifted every single day with lots of "I love yous", hugs, kisses, temper tantrums, snotty noses, poopy diapers, back talking (Braylon's new skill, he has mattered it quite quickly), biting, hitting and of course cuddling! I get to experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows with each child multiple times a day and some days it seems like I am on a never ending roller coaster holding one boy in from being pushed over the edge (from his big brother) and covering the other boys eyes while we plummet to the bottom at warp speed all while nursing the calm cool collected little lady.

Even with all of these "fun" Mommy tasks at the end of the day I lay in bed and count the endless amount of blessings that I have been given. I wouldn't trade a single "undesirable" moment away, because like Ben reminded me this morning as I was complaining about my back and neck hurting from being used as a punching bag for the two toddlers that weaseled their way into our bed sometime in the early morning hours, don't wish it away because soon enough they won't want to sleep with us and then you will wish they did!

I also have to thank the most amazing man in the world that puts up not only with all of the same stuff Mommy does, but also puts up with Mommy! He puts up with my short temperateness that arises after a long rainy Saturday when the kids and I have been couped up inside all day and the walls seem to be closing in and all I want to do is cry but all I can is laugh hysterically, or even worse when the tears actually come (not fun for a man that just worked for 8 hours to come home to)! But I am most thankful for getting to be the Mommy to his "Daddy" (like yin to yang)...

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