Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Big Huge Giant Tub!

The other night Adalyn got to take a bath in mommy and daddy's whirlpool bathtub, it was late (9 o'clock) and the boys were getting a bath in their tub, we had been outside all day and Adalyn needed to get the sunscreen washed off, so she got to play in the "Big, HuGe, GIANT tub" (Braylon and Porter's description of the whirlpool tub), both boys were so jealous that she got to tubbers in it, that I promised them the next night they could take a bath in it. A promise is a promise...

Hard at play! They love using squirt bottles in the bathtub!
(I have a really cute picture of both of them smiling, but little boy parts are showing, so this picture was substituted)
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