Thursday, September 8, 2011

Porter's 2 year check up!

Porter is 2... Holy Moly I can't believe it, how time flies by. It feels like yesterday that Ben and I were first meeting him. Those days and weeks at Children's are fresh in my mind, if I think long enough I can still smell the sterile air. Luckily those days are long behind us, but in turn that means with each passing day Porter gets a bit older.
We had his 2 year check today and he is doing wonderful! Dr. B said that he is a perfect, healthy 2 year old little boy! She and I sat and reminisced about how far he has come and watched in awe as he showed off for her.
Porter is 28 pounds 6 oz and is 35 inches tall, he is in the 50% for weight/height, he is getting taller and leaner. His head circumference is off the charts, but is following the growth curve, so there is no concern or issues there.
He had to get two shots today and was a tough little man through the first one and the second one just hurt too much to hold back those tears! He quickly perked up when I told him we were all done and free to go see Grandma Pammy! He ran out the door and down the hall, knowing exactly where to find her!
In the past few weeks I have realized that Porter is not a baby and I actually see him as a toddler and not as my little baby that solely depends on his mommy, it makes me a bit sad, but also makes me look forward to watching as he discovers the world and learns all the things that his crazy big brother teaches him :)
Porter trying to put his shoes on for a quick escape before the nurse brought back those shots! (Notice that adorable yellow diaper! Dr. B was very impressed with how far cloth diapers have come she actually sat and inspected it, she was very interested in it!)

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