Monday, September 12, 2011

Fly In Breakfast!

Sunday morning we picked the boys up from Grandma Pammy and we headed to the New Ulm Regional Airport to Fly In breakfast, where we met Grandma Joan, Grandpa Rick and Uncle Zack! There were tons of airplanes to check out along with a firetruck, police car, and ambulance. The boys even went to sit in Grandpa Rick's airplane, one day soon he will have to take them for a ride!

Checking out one of the planes, they had some really cool ones to look at! The boys were fascinated by them!

My vikings fans!

Grandpa Rick showing Braylon the firetruck

Walking to see more planes 

Now off to find some pancakes

The firemen helped Porter in the firetruck, Porter was trying to turn the lights on but got snatched up too quickly!

Braylon and Porter checking out the ambulance

Both trying to drive!

We had a blast checking out all of the airplanes and rescue vehicles! We will have to do it again next year :)

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