Thursday, September 8, 2011

An even bigger boy bed... COOL!

Braylon got to move out of his twin bed last night and was surprised when Daddy hauled up the Full size bed from the basement! He was so excited to have an even bigger boy bed, he and Porter tested it out, jumping on it! Then we all gathered on his bed and read our night time stories, much more comfortable then the Twin bed that we would congregate on before! We need to get him some new sheets for it, the ones that we have don't match his Lightning McQueen comforter very well, so after daycare we are off to pick out some new ones!
He was so excited about his bed that he actually came to wake me up at 3 am to tell me that he really likes his new bigger boy bed! Asked me to come lay with him in it, so I could like it to and within 5 minutes he was back to sleep!
I am all for a bigger bed, he went to sleep SOOOOO much easier last night and didn't fight me when he had to go back in his bed after coming to visit in the middle of the night! It is a win for all of us, especially if it means bedtimes are a little easier and less midnight visits and tantrums.
He even asked if Porter could sleep with him in his bigger boy bed, we might try that one day, but Mommy and Daddy are not quite ready for that!

Daddy and Braylon reading, look at all of that extra space, Porter was there when I snapped the picture and by the time the picture actually was taken he had scooted himself off of the bed to find another book.

Bray showing daddy all of the construction vehicles, skid steer, backhoe loader, front loader, roller, etc.

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