Monday, September 12, 2011

Lifting Tires!

Braylon, Grandma Pammy and myself had to make a quick trip to Mankato so that we could return Daddy's tux from the wedding he was in on Saturday. Daddy and Porter stayed home and napped and watched football while we were gone.
When we went to drop Grandma off at her house, Braylon was surprised to see a fork lift sitting in Grandma's backyard. We had to get out and look at it, so Braylon asked Papa if he could drive with him and of course Papa couldn't say no! So they picked up a car that was on a trailer and then they picked up some tires that were still on the axle in the driveway! Braylon was SOOO excited that he was even telling me about it this morning.

Braylon lifting the tires up and down!

And again...

The car they picked up is in the background and they are working on picking up the tires.

I have always thought Braylon looked so much like Ben, until I see these two together!

Thank you Papa for letting Braylon drive his first fork lift, I am sure in just a year he will be certified to do all your fork lifting for you :)

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