Monday, May 2, 2011

What a weekend!!!!

We had such a great weekend, so great that I actually didn't get any pictures of it. I know that Melissa got some pictures for us, so we will have to get them from her.
On Saturday the boys and I went over to Mankato to get some summer clothes for them... We started off by heading to Olive Garden for some Spaghetti, the boys were so well behaved, it makes it easier that way when you are by yourself! We then headed out to do some shopping. After a couple hours of shopping we headed home to take naps! The rest of Saturday came and went, Ben got home from work we cooked supper and then played and were entertained by our two rumbustious children :)
Sunday we went to celebrate Cousin Caleb's first communion, good food, good company and a good reason to celebrate! We then went home let Porter nap and Braylon, Ben and I started clearing out the basement so that we can make progress on our basement... We have a deadline in mind to get it done, and it will be here before we know it :) After Porter woke up from his nap we ate supper and then headed out for a walk, the boys love to check out the Semi's that are down a few blocks from our house, and they are doing some construction in the area, so we had to walk past all of the diggers and bulldozers and every other construction machine that they have sitting there. We ended the weekend with a nice quite evening (quite in our house isn't actually quite, it is just not as loud as it normally is).
It was a nice relaxing weekend, now only if it would get a little warmer so we could spend more time outside!
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