Thursday, May 26, 2011

Block me in Mommy!

Braylon has been demanding his own space, and the right to all of the toys in the house. If he has to go to the bathroom we have to bring the toys with us or he has to have Mommy or Daddy hide them so "Porter no get them!". Last night Port kept taking Braylon's trucks, cars, tractors, car ramp, so Bray brought all of his toys over to the front entrance and brought his blanket and asked me to block him in, so Porter no get my toys! So I laid out his blanket for him while he brought rocking chairs and Cozy Coupe's and anything else you could think of to block himself in! He brought every single truck, tractor and car in there with him.. Porter was not impressed!

This is the beginning of Bray's Boy Cave, No little brothers allowed...
My camera died otherwise I would have gotten a picture of the end result! But it was amazing how much he fit in there and how organized it all was...
Next time we will have to make Porter his own boy cave, he thought it was pretty cool.
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