Monday, May 23, 2011

Two pink lines!!!!

Ben and I were yet again taken back by the wonderful news that we will be welcoming Baby J #3 :) We had our 10 week appointment last week and everything looks great! We got to have an ultrasound because it was just a bit to soon to hear the heartbeat with the Doppler, so we instead got to go and see Baby J for the first time. It was a wonderful joy to see that everything this far looks good and baby looks healthy, with a due date of December 12th.
This joyous time is filled with crazy emotions, as I can't imagine going through all that we went through with the boys again, so we are praying and hoping that this pregnancy is just your normal boring pregnancy! Thus far it has been, I have had little to no morning sickness, a welcomed relief as with the boys I was sick the entire first 3 months.  
Braylon is excited to have a baby sister (he tells me it is a sister, because he already has a brother)... He then told Ben that he wants to name her Benjamin :) Later that evening he told me he wanted to name her Monster Truck! With those name options who needs a baby name book ;)
 Porter on the other hand, I am not sure how well he will adjust, it is a scary thought! We may have to keep Baby and Porter separated for the first few months, as Porter is very much a mommy's boy, it could be a difficult transition for him! So it is no surprise that he does not share the same excitement that his older brother has!
With this exciting news came the quick decision to switch wedding plans, we have changed the date to May 26th, 2012.

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