Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snow Day!

Today I spent all day in a class training to become a Gymnastic Judge. Meredith and I even braved the crappy roads and drove over to Mankato for the training... I felt bad that the boys missed out on playing in the snow on the first day we got snow so when I got back I picked the boys up from my Mom's and we headed to get Braylon new snow boots and then home to play in the snow!

Trying to get a good picture of them... Neither wanted to look at dad when he was taking pictures!

 Porter LOVED every minute of the snow except that he couldn't really figure out how to walk in his snow boots so he spent a lot of time in the sled and then sitting in the snow. He tried to eat the snow, good thing Reese doesn't go to the bathroom in the front yard :)

Braylon didn't want to go in the house even with bribery of a sucker, he kept saying "No go in, I stay in Snow!" So finally we had to pick him up and bring him in the house...
Hopefully tomorrow it is done snowing and a little nicer outside so that we can play in the snow more!
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