Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daylight Savings Time

It was so nice out on Sunday that the boys and I meet up with Cousin Candon and Nama Joan at the park to enjoy the beautiful weather! Unfortunately we didn't account for Daylight Savings Time and ended up playing in the dark for the majority of our time, hard to believe it was only 5:30!

Braylon and Porter enjoyed talking to each other while I pushed them on the swing... Braylon thinks that Porter is pretty funny and makes sure to tell Porter that he is funny... It just adorable to hear him say "Porter, that funny!" Porter knows that he is funny he throws his head back and belly laughs until he falls over then looks to make sure that he think he is funny too. 

Candon enjoying every minute of the park!

Are two year olds suppose to know how to use all of the contraptions they have at the park??? They just raced up them, my heart stopped only the first 300 times that Candon and Braylon went up this! They sure showed me though, neither one had any problems doing it... Oh I remember when the couldn't even roll over by themselves!

Porter had a blast running around like the crazy man that he is... He so desperately wants to be 2 years old like his brother and cousin. He doesn't fully understand that he isn't the same age and can't do the same things that they do... But after a little while he found his favorite thing to do was climb in and out of the red tunnel over and over and over again.
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