Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Porter went as a Giant Blue Monster for Halloween! I can not get over his costume, it is so bright and colorful and is very much a "Porter" costume, I bought it a little big for him, I may just let him wear it again next year :)

Braylon went as a very scary Dragon for Halloween! He loved to make the ROARing noise. Look at that smile, that is definitely one "scary" creature ;)

Braylon helping carry Porter's Halloween bucket, it was his sneaky way of getting more candy!

Porter was eating the candy as fast as Braylon could get it in the bucket, wrapper and all!

We had a great Halloween, the boys enjoyed every minute of it. We didn't do a ton of trick or treating, just families houses. Needless to say Braylon cleaned Nana Pammy out of candy, he filled his bucket to the brim with candy and then started working on Porter's, so we had no reason to venture out for more candy... Next year we will have to skip her house all together :)
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