Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nap Time...

Porter loves it when Braylon is napping, if only Braylon new what Porter all does when he isn't around to protect his toys! Porter is constantly being told "No, Porter... Porter, No... Stop Porter" from his big brother. If Porter touches a toy that Braylon looked at 4 hours ago, Porter can not have it, Braylon tells Porter that it is not his toy, "Braylon's toy... No Porter have it"... Which leads to screaming, biting, hitting and time outs, never a fun time at the Jensen household! But when big brother is asleep the little brother can play! Porter enjoys having the house to roam and Reese to play with and every toy imaginable at his finger tips!

Porter and Reese enjoying the view from the front door... I love this picture :)

Just Mommy and Porter time... Judging from that smile he is excited  :) 
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