Monday, September 29, 2008

Visitors... Visitors...

This is Grandma and Grandpa Thomsen, my cousin Candon and me! I got to go and visit my Great Grandparents twice in three days!!!! This time instead of my daddy going, my cousin Candon and my auntie Coley came with Grandma Joan and mommy. I really like visiting them, Grandpa Thomsen really liked talking to me and trying to wake me up, not an easy task!!!

This is my DADDY :) and great grandma Thomsen and me of course! We went down to Tyler to visit my great grandparents, before my grandma Thomsen had to go back to the hospital, so that she can get better and we can see each other whenever we want! We were very excited to see one another! I really enjoyed sleeping in Grandma Thomsen's arms!

This is Brody! I went to Mexico with him and his family and our family and the Nelson's, when I was still in my mommies belly! He really liked my mommy, that is because she bought him chips with pokeman cards in them! He held me very nicely and didn't want anyone to help him, his mommy did anyways! One day I will be big and we will get to play together with trucks and turtles!

This is me with Carly, she waiting a very long time to see me! She came to the hospital to see me when I was just 6 days old and she couldn't come in cause she was not old enough! I felt really bad that she came all that way and she had to wait in the waiting room. So I was very happy that she got to come and see me!

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