Monday, September 29, 2008

Me and My puppy!

This is me and one of my puppies, Reese! He really doesn't pay any attention to me... Unless of course I am sitting in my swing, then he thinks he
has to give me kisses... lots and lots of kisses! My mommy says that he is just giving me kisses as a distraction, he is really looking to take my nuk! I don't mind though, I like his kisses. Plus he is big enough to just stick his head in my swing! The chubby one (Miss Maddison) she tries to tumble me out of my swing, she puts her paws up on the swing! Mommy says she does that cause she wants to eat me! Daddy doesn't agree!

This is Maddi... She is waiting for mommy to serve ME on a platter!!! Ha...
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