Monday, September 22, 2008

My love for daddy!

This is me and my daddy! He is the best, he is there to hold my hand after my mommy gives me a bath and puts lotion on me... I don't like bath time or getting cold lotion on me! My mommy says it is so that I smell like baby (the best smell in the world!), I say it is not needed I don't play or do anything that makes me smell! She does not listen to me! But daddy is always there to save the day. This time I exhausted him, so he declared nap time! I just laid and held on to his hand... Then he could not leave me! I really love my time with daddy!

This is my daddy and I's first picture of daddy holding me, this is in the hospital! This was the first time that daddy got to hold me, I was 3 days old! My mommy loves to take pictures of us together!
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