Monday, September 29, 2008

My best buddy!

This is me and my best buddy Candon! He is a little bit bigger then me right now! But I think in no time at all I will catch up to him! He really likes to smile and talk, my mommy says she can't wait for me to smile all the time, instead of just when I have gas!

This is the difference in size between Candon and I. It really is not that much! I was trying to poo so I am not stretched out all the way! I asked him if I could borrow some of his extra pounds so people would stop telling me that I have to eat! People need to remember that he is 11 weeks older than me!

Mommy says that this is the cutest picture ever, she has it in black and white hanging in my room! I got a little nervous and so I reached for Candon's hand! NO big deal...

This is grandma driving us all back home from visiting my great grandpaents! Baxter (grandma's poochy) is Grandma's co-pilot! Candon and I got to rid in the middle seats, mommy and auntie Coley had to sit in the way back!! Candon was lucky, his mommy got him a nice toy for his car seat! I tricked my mommy and was a little grumpy on the way home so she decided that a toy on the car seat is a great idea, so she went and got me one!! I am so tricky!
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