Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Love for a dog!

Isn't he adorable!?!?!? Reese, our four legged child, but every bit as important and loved! Reese was born March 6, 2007. The day we brought him home, I ate supper with his tiny body curled up in my lap. Although he is no longer allowed to sit in my lap at the dinner table, he doesn't understand that he is no longer a puppy, but instead 78 pounds of dog, insisting on sitting in my lap on any occasion he is allowed.
Reese is a loved and important member of our family, he is calm and gentle with each of our children. He has been this way since the day we brought Braylon home from the hospital. Sitting next to him in the swing, he was the first up in the middle of the night when Braylon cried, by the time Adalyn came, he trusted me enough to take care of it without his assistance.
He has shown interest in each of the children upon their arrival and quickly learned they were not leaving, so he welcomed them into his life, allowing them to snuggle him, use him as a chair, shared his food and water, read stories with them, guarded the front door, endured the cold and lots of hugs and kisses.
He is not only good to his human brothers and sister, but he is good to Ben and I. He learned to love running with me, he provides me with motivation when I need it, it is very difficult to ignore his wagging tail and pouncing. He is my running partner, the very best running partner a person could ask for.
Not only does he love running, he LOVES water, that was not something that he had to learn to love, he is like a darn beaver in the water, he glides in the water with no effort; he could swim all day long if we allowed it. He enjoys playing fetch with water toys or he is happy to just leisurely swim in circles around the dock.
He is the best fur child/brother we could ask for; I can not imagine our life without him in it. We love him so very much, even when he eats our supper from our plates when we get up to get a milk refill or when he thinks the new stuffed animal was his and we find the stuffing all over the floor.
We look forward to lots more memories with our Dee Dee (the boys couldn't say Reese, so they called him Dee Dee, it has stuck).

Reese taking his big brother role very serious (This was day 2 of Braylon being home).

Braylon & Porter love to use Reese as a pillow

Reese was checking out the scene with Porter

Reese enjoys playing in the snow, Braylon throws snowballs at him and then Reese pounces Braylon! (These pictures were two years apart, but little has changed in their relationship)

Reese loves the water: whether it is kayaking, pontooning or swimming. He loves it all!

If he isn't running or swimming he is always up for a game of football fetch.

He listens to the kids stories, allows nearby to lend a listening ear.

He shared his food with all of the kids; Adalyn really enjoyed their dinners together.

He is allows willing to photobomb a picture
 (or make an ordinary picture more adorable, however you want to look at it).

If you are relaxing Reese is right there snuggling in!

Willing to just lounge around on the floor with the kids too!

Reese has set the expectation for any future Fur children very high! We are grateful every day for this wildly loving pooch!
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