Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's a Bird, no it's a plane with Braylon Max Jensen in it!!!!!

On Sunday Braylon had the opportunity to go flying! He got to go in Grandpa Rick's airplane to La Crosse to see Candon. Mommy was very nervous, this was the first time he has been flying and the flight is only an hour, but if he didn't like it, it meant having to turn around and bring him back.... But Braylon LOVED flying and did a wonderful job! I was in church with Porter and Adalyn when they took off, Porter got his bible presented to him during church. So I wanted to make sure to be there when they landed, so that I could capture the special moment!
Porter, Daddy and Adalyn waiting for Braylon to land, Porter clearly didn't want his photo taken. I almost felt like a paparazzi hiding in a bush taking their picture :)

We spotted them!

Here they come!
Almost landed
Safely on the ground!
Porter gets to go flying with Grandpa next, I can't wait to capture that moment as well. I know now where I can stand and have so many good ideas for the next round of photos :)
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