Monday, November 4, 2013

$5 worth of fun!

We had to run to Menards this morning to pick up a few things for the house; Braylon asked if he helped me remember to get a new toilet seat cover (ours has been broke since the second day we moved in and every time I go to a store with the intent to get one it seems to slip my mind) could he pick out a toy. I told him we would walk down the toy aisle and see what they had. As I was getting ready to head to the checkout, just as promised Braylon reminded me off the toilet seat that we needed. So I held up my side of the bargain and we walked down the toy aisle. He spotted a box with a helicopter on it and asked if he could get the it; it was a build your own helicopter and car, included paint and decals, at $4.98 I agreed to let him get one for him and Porter (he was at pre-school).
After we picked Porter up from school the boys got to work...
Porter painting his helicopter

He wasn't afraid to use all the colors of paint...

Braylon wanted his to look just like the army helicopter on the side of the box; so he stuck with just the army colors :)

He is so detailed with his work!
It was easily the best $5 I have spent, it entertained the boys for most of the afternoon and right into the evening. We may need to add some more of these to our Christmas Lists...
The projects are now drying and waiting for the decals to be put on, more pictures to come.
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