Monday, June 24, 2013

Life Happenings...

Well life has been extremely busy for the past month in a half! It is hard to believe that it is the last week of June already... I feel like it should be the last week of May, I feel a little cheated out of Summer this year! The reason for us being so busy, is because we are MOVING!!!! We have been searching for a home that suited or needs... and wants, there are always wants, for over a year now. We finally found the perfect home; it has every need and a lot of our wants all wrapped into one fabulous location! There were a lot of steps to get this house, and everything feel perfectly (not really perfectly, nothing happens perfectly; but I am going to pretend) into place. We will be moving in less then 3 weeks, 17 days to be exact! We will be closing the week that Ben is in DC, we close on a Friday and he gets back late that Friday; which translates to me having to pack everything and move everything with three children by myself (not really by myself, our families would be more than willing to help; but I don't want to burden them with our move), so Ben and I have been busy moving what we can to our rental property garage (which just so happened to open up last weekend, see perfect...), before he is gone for a week. We spent the weekend moving things, lots of things, out of the house, I want as little in the house as we can manage to get by with. The less I have to move alone the better; because although I have 17 days before we actually are out of our house, with Ben gone for 5 days, it is like we have 12 days.
We are so excited about the new house and all of the wonderfulness it is going to bring to us and our family! I already dream of Christmas, Prom's, and Graduation's in this house. Along with the few minor things to make it our own (Ben made me promise NO projects until Winter)... :)
First load to the Duplex Garage...

Dreaming of Paint colors... This is when Ben told me NO projects, not even paint until Winter...

Sold Sign at our new house.... This was a VERY exciting day!

Sold sign at our house! Adalyn loves to walk to the front yard and touch my picture and say MOMMY!

Our empty Living room!

Hauling the guest bed to the garage.

Daddy even hauled the Four Wheeler to the Garage. I told him all of our spare time was for packing and moving, not riding the 4 wheeler...
Stay tuned, we will definitely be posting pictures as soon as we have the keys!!!
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