Monday, June 24, 2013

I blinked and 18 months flew by...

I went shopping for some more summer jammies for Adalyn today, and I found myself in the "toddler" section of Herberger's searching for 2T pajama's!!!! Yes 2T, my baby is less then a baby and more of independent, career chasing, boy crazy women! She is filled with so much life; she is surely our easiest child yet, but she has so much spunk (Ben calls it drama and usually refers to her as the DIVA)... Lately it is blowing my mind as she starts to repeat everything and talks our ears off. She will say every single word that we say, except Porter... She calls Porter Bray, we correct her every time, but she still insists on Bray. She calls Braylon, just that Braylon. I think she is a little confused, especially because 90% of the time we call Porter, Maxie. We have heard her say Porter 3 times, but everything else she says and she says it very clearly. I wish I could rewind the time, because I miss my chubby check, rolly polly little girl! I have captured these few pictures over the weekend and thought they were worth sharing :)
She didn't want to sit with Mommy and Grandma at the Softball game last Tuesday night... She wanted to sit all by herself!

She really loves her Giraffe and sippy cup! Walking around the yard enjoying being left alone.

She looks 15 years old in this picture... No longer my baby, she sure is adorable though! One of my favorite pictures.

She even insists on sitting at the table, she kneels at the table the entire time we eat and she does such a good job. Ben said he isn't ready for this yet, but I can't keep her sitting nice in her highchair, so it might be the perfect time!
I am so excited for the women this little girl is going to become, but I would be okay if time just slowed down a lot first.

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