Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bath time fun

Daddy went to Bockfest today, so it was the kids and myself plus Christian all day today. I have been wanting to get a picture of all three of the kids in the bath tub for a large area above the bathroom door in the kids bathroom; so after Christian got picked up I decided it was a great time to try to do a bath tub photo shoot. Much to my surprise I got some good images to work with. Now to choose a picture...
Braylon was the only one that was interested in the camera (no surprise)
I am in love with this picture.

Best buddies :)

This is another one of my favorites, real smiles, real laughter and a really great moment captured.

Forced smiles, but still a keeper.
I haven't gotten my camera out since Christmas :( I take advantage of the fact that I can take them on my phone, something I need to do a better job of in the future, I love my camera and my three amazing subjects :)

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