Friday, August 3, 2012

Our baby is 8 months old!!!!!!!!

Adalyn is 8 months old today (my voice is crackling and tears pool in my eyes as I type that)!

I can't even describe the love that we have for this little girl!

(The Vikings are in Mankato for training camp, so we have to cheer them on! Here is to a better season then last year! SKOL Vikings)
Things about Adalyn:

1. She loves to watch Pooh's Heffulump Movie, she giggles and flails her arms in the air whenever Lumpy comes on!
2. She is happy to be constantly entertained by her two brothers and welcomes kisses from them and Reese.
3. Mommy is her favorite person, but she doesn't mind if she is passed from person to person. Although the last couple of weeks we have been dealing with separation anxiety. But she is still happy to give everyone a giant smile, from the safety of Mommy's arms :)
4. She EATS and EATS like no other 8 month old I have seen. She doesn't eat pureed food, she would rather have hamburger, spaghetti, blueberries or anything else that we are eating that day.
5. She finally got her two bottom teeth to brake through and she handled it like a champion.
6. She has been sitting up for about the last two months, and is working on crawling forward, she can army crawl backwards. When she attempts to crawl forward it is in a downward dog position (on tip toes, with butt in the air). She can pull herself up to a standing position using anything and everything!
(Adalyn enjoying the toys Mommy pulled out of storage)

7. She says Dada all day and night long, we are working on Mama (with little luck)
8. She sleeps through the night most nights and has been since about 6 weeks old.
9. She is our most content baby yet. Happy to do whatever, but will remind us when she is needing attention.
10. Bath times are much more enjoyable for her in the kitchen sink then in the bathtub. Mommy likes them this way too :)
11. She loves to swim, in the lake or the pool, makes no difference to her.
12. She belly laughs when she is pushed on the swing, it is ADORABLE to watch and I vow to video tape her one of these times. 
13. The noise her brothers, dogs, and parents make doesn't phase her at all. 
14.  She is a very oral baby, everything must go in the mouth, except her Nuk, she doesn't like that thing!
15. She has tried on a few occasions to nurse off of Uncle Kevin, Daddy and Braylon. If their shirts are off and she can see the "spout" she thinks it is fair game! :)
(Getting ready to stand up using the table)

We are going to enjoy all of the milestones that Adalyn tackles over the next month as our babies are growing up!
We love you to the moon and back Pix!
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