Friday, August 3, 2012

Biking the Trails

Last Sunday (I know I have been late on posts, summer is going by too fast and well time is limited) we headed to Mankato to have a picnic and go biking on the trails. The kids had a blast riding bikes and riding in the bike trailer. We did have a few hiccups while out and about... Porter's bike only made it a few short strides and then was donezo (it was a $2.00 bike Grandma Joan picked up from a garage sale to have at her house, so we borrowed it for Porter to ride on). So the boys took turns riding on Braylon's bike for the first mile, we had a few tantrums over who got to ride when and how long. Then boys were less then happy when we told them they had to both ride in the trailer so we could bike further, there was some constant bickering back and forth between them, but after they both settled down (and Mommy threatened them with no ice cream) the ride was very enjoyable... Let me rephrase that, the ride out was very enjoyable (flat land or down hill), but what goes down, must come up (at least if you want to get back to the car), so the way back was me pulling 72 pounds of extra weight up the hills, they were more of an anchor then anything. Mommy got her workout in for the day! All in all it was a great time and the kids enjoyed themselves and we stopped at our favorite ice cream shop... COLD STONE CREAMERY! So Yummy!
I am sure we will be making many more trips to bike trails around the area!

Heading over to Mankato...

Setting up our picnic!

The boys being good helpers and trying to get the bikes out of the back of the Yukon and off of the bike rack.

Adalyn ready to ride, equipped with water and toys :)
Daddy, Porter and Braylon are off, at the stop sign is where Porter's bike stopped working :( 

MOM IT WON'T GO! (Porter's words at this point)

On our way back to the car, after we rescued Braylon's bike from the bush it was hiding in. Daddy and Porter and Adalyn took Mommy's bike and were already at the car by this point.

Post ride treat!

Adalyn LOVED Cold Stone as much as we do :)

The ride home, this was two blocks from home (Braylon just feel asleep and slept for 4 hours!).
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