Monday, February 13, 2012

A visit from the Briggs

Coley, Candon and Kenna came home last weekend and spent Saturday with us! The kids had SO much fun together. Braylon LOVES it when Candon comes to play. He asks me at least once a week if we can go to Candon's house or if Candon can come to his house, usually when I say Candon isn't coming home this weekend, he then asks if they can play at Grandma's, he doesn't fully understand that he doesn't live down the street. We are hoping in March we will be able to get down to La Crosse (heads up Briggs' family).

The justice League running around! (I found a three pack of undies at Target and Candon loves Batman, so I thought it would be adorable to have them each enjoy new undies!) Candon as Batman, Porter as the Green Lantern and Bray as Superman.

Braylon and Candon playing on the steps! They have so much fun together.

All three of the rugrats. Porter had an accident in his green lantern undies so had to put on his diaper.

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