Sunday, December 11, 2011

Those poor boys!

With the new addition to our family, it is aparent that the boys/men in our house are in big trouble... They all just LOVE Adalyn so much, she has all of them wrapped around her little finger already!

Braylon has been the BEST biggest brother in the whole world! He is just smitten with Adalyn. He tells everyone that his baby sister is finally out! He sits next to me while she eats and he helps burp her and talks to her while she is awake or sleeping, luckily she doesn't mind. He loves her up every chance he gets! Bray has adjusted very well to having a baby sister in the house (we figured he would be the easy one, but you never know). We have noticed a few more temper tantrums over nonsense things, but we are ok with that. All in all Braylon has been an amazing help, especially those first few days home when I was still healing a bit.

Porter and Daddy giving Adalyn some love!

Porter has had a bit harder time with the adjustment of having a baby in the house. Mostly because Porter is a Mommy's boy, he doesn't like that I can't pick him up and carry him around, he is getting much better about this. Porter is the first one to run over to his sister if she makes a noise, telling her "It ok, it ok" and then kisses her or the side of whatever she is in and then runs away. He is doing wonderfully all things considered!

The whole gang!

A very proud daddy! (Not the best picture), but Ben's heart has been stolen and Adalyn holds the key to it!
I am the luckiest girl in the world to have the support and love of an amazing man! Benjamin has been amazing this last week, taking care of the boys, the house and making sure that I got rest and healed. Not an easy task to do alone!
Ben and I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing family and healthy, happy children! The boys have done such a good job adjusting we are so proud of them! We can not wait to watch our littles grow and learn throughout the years to come!

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