Sunday, February 28, 2010

18 Month Check up!

Braylon: I had my 18 month check up, Nana Pammy went with us so that she could help my mommy with myself and my brother. We were almost to Mankato and the doctor called and asked if we could move my appointment from 11 to 4, so the four of us roamed around Mankato for a while. I didn't get to take my morning nap so by the time 2 o'clock hit I was exhausted, so while my mommy and grandma shopped at Menards, I decided that I would catch a few zzz's! Mommy was so impressed, I napped the entire 2 hours that we were in the store and she was able to put me in my carseat and I didn't wake up! I had shopped until I dropped! My check up when very well... I weighed in at 27 pounds and I was 32 inches tall... I was such a big boy I didn't even cry when I got my two shots... now I don't have to get any more shots until I am going to school! Mommy says I don't get to go to school... We will see what she thinks in 3 years :)
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